Frequency Protection

After selecting and coordinating radio frequencies with other users and filing these frequencies with the FCC, many clients assume their systems continue to be protected by the Commission. However, the burden of protection belongs to the client since it is the client's obligation to review all PCNs and FCC applications on public notice. Licensees without sophisticated software are left exposed to potential interference.

  • A non-response to a PCN is basically the same as an agreement to the proposed frequency usage
  • We analyze all Coordination Notices (PCNs) and FCC Applications for potential interference
  • Objections are sent to coordinators if a potential for interference is noted
  • Monthly report listing all coordinated paths + Google Earth path profiles
  • Potential interference issues will be noted in the report
  • Without detailed analysis your system may be susceptible to interference
  • Outsourcing the administrative burden of PCN review to Micronet is cost effective
  • We have the computer systems to handle this work expeditiously and affordably

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